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Qleaner is a sativa dominant strain with a 70:30 sativa:indica ratio. The strain is cross between Jack Herer, Northern Lights, Querkle and Pluton. Qleaner is known for creating a spectacular 20% THC content, which is able to offer a spacey high that will keep you coming back for more. The scent is incredibly fruity. As for the taste it has a candy grape flavor to go along with its mouth watering scent. On the other hand, the buds are extremely dense and are encrusted with trichomes. Moreover, you will also notice black resins amongst the swollen trichomes. That being said, the strain offers a clean high that will numb your body in no time. You will feel happy and energized which is why it is recommended for daytime use. Larger doses can make you feel light headed and lazy, but there are no drawbacks that you need to worry about unlike other strains. A light buzz is to be expected which is perfect if you need to stay focused. Qleaner is perfect for treating a variety of different medical conditions including depression, anxiety and even stress. However, with larger doses you can also overcome problems like insomnia, nausea and chronic pains and aches as well.


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